Thanks to all round Mr Nice Guy, Tim Porter, the ubiquitous Madaxeman of wargaming. Huge apologies for the delay in releasing this epsiode, after saying to Tim it would be out in a couple of days, its actually taken me close on two weeks due to some I.T. issues.

Thank you to the listeners for your continued support and I hope you enjoy the episode!

The Madexeman site.

Give Tim's podcast a listen. Its really rather good!

Madaxeman Podcast



A fascinating chat with Mark about his new rules, Strength and Honour with a different tak on ancient wargaming.

Link to the Strength and Honour Facebook group  here

Mark's Twitter account here

Anything But a One podcast here

Details of my AK47 event here

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Keep safe, play nice, and keeep talking about your own version of God's Own Scale.


A Gettysburg special for the first episode of Season 3, and it's good to be back!


Lots more to come with episodes lined up with rules writers, manufacturers and mad axemen!

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As always, check out Little Wars TV - without a doubt the best in the business here


And long promised addition to the show notes, a link to the books added to the God's Own Scale virtual library -

  Stephen Sears To the Gates of Richmond

Harry Pfanz Gettysburg - Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill


As always, thanl you for your support. Keep safe and play nice!

Lots of great hobby talk as Gareth tells us about his love of the Sengoku Jidai era, 6mm, and titivating tufts with a static grass applicator. Warning: This podcast may harm your wallet.

Gareth's Twitter

Hobby Health Check podcast

Coat d'Arms paint

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As ever, keep safe, play nice, and keep talking about 6.

A lovely chat with Henry who is doing big things with small figures! He has a Kickstarter running called Europe Asunder offering up STL files to print Napoleonic infantry from the 1805/06 era, with optional add ons for other nations - 13 or 14 at last count!
If you're 3D printing curious, check out these links provided by Henry, including a link to the 3D printer he recommends.
Henry's Community Facebook group
Thanks for listening. As ever, keep safe, play nice and keep talking about six.

Hannibal v.s Rome STL files for small scale miniatures

Check out Felix and Lukas's Kickstarter for some gorgeous 3D files for the Punic Wars. They are a new enthusiastic company who deserve all the support you can give. Lets get them through the 7,000 Euro barrier and on towards 8,000 Euro!


In this episode Felix talks about the project from an original idea through to an epic Kickstarter campaign that has smashed it's funding goal.

A self indulgent episode for you today, as I speak with First World War historian and author, Nigel Atter about his two books - 

In the Shadow of Bois Hugo

With Valour and Distinction-Battalion


Well worth checking out.


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Until next time, keep safe, play nice and keep talking about 6!



Join me as I talk to Peter Berry, part of the production team for the excellent Joy of Six show as he takes the show into the world of virtual reality!


TL:DR - The Joy of Virtual Six 2021 is coming online to a computer near you on Sunday 4th July 2021.

A lovely chat and a peek behind the curtains at Grumbler Miniatures, with head honcho Alan. 

Please do check out the website Grumbler Miniatures

Also mentioned is Peter Riley's rules for writing your own rules! Head here for more info Wargame Collection Calculator

The Caesar Awards video from Little Wars TV can be found here Caesar Awards Show


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Until next time, keep safe, play nice, and keep talking about 6.

A lovely relaxed chat with two gamers who just happen to be brothers, and who love 6mm!

Altar of Freedom rules page is here

Check out James' Youtube channel here

Killing Fields wargaming mats here

The 'In Deo Varitas' wargames rules here

The Plastic Crack podcast latest episode here This is a Youtube podcast that flits around between 2 or 3 different Youtube channels who all contirbute to the podcast. Well worth watching.


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As ever, keep talking about six.

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