David Wasilewski and Charles Roundtree talk all things rules and WW2 as we dive into David's new set of rules 'All Hell Let Loose.'

The rules can be purchased here 

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Its a long one, and with 3 guests, a bit chaotic!

I'm, joined by Alex Sotheran of the Storm of Steel Youtube Channel

Dan Hodgson of Reveille Painting

and the Godfather of Six himself, Per Broden from Roll a One

Per can also be found on Twitter at @Roll_a_one

and Alex at @SoSWargaming


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Merry Christmas, happy new year,keep safe, and keep talking about six!

A lovely chat with Mr Leon Pengilley from Pendraken, giving us a peak behind his curtains. Pendraken are one of my favourite companies, and they should be one of yours too! Check them out in these links:

Pendraken Website

Pendraken Forum


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One more show before Christmas...and it's a goody!

But for now, keep safe, play nice and keep talking about 6.

I love doing these episodes where I get to talk to the ordinary gamer, especially people who perhaps haven't been on a podcast before. Thanks Steve for keeping me entertained for a couple of hours and doing what I enjoy most - talking crap about this wonderful hobby of ours!


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God's Own Scale Patreon

ADC Painting

Gareth Beamish's Sengoku era blog

6mm ACW Altar of Freedom resource site.


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Keep safe, play nice and keep talking about six.

Paul Reed can be contacted on Twitter here

His podcast is highly recommended, the website for which is here

Also mentioned in the show:

Little Wars TV

The Caesar Awards

Geek Villain

Battle Scale


Blog of the episode is General Whiskers


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A special episode to tell you all about the Kickstarter from 2D6 Wargaming for 6mm Feudal Japanese figures, buidlings and rules.

Link to the Kickstarter here

and to 2D6 Wargaming here

Please note, I have no links to 2D6 Wargaming, whether personal or professional. This episode is to promote a new range of 6mm figures that I think deserves the spotlight shinig on them.

Normal service will resume in the next episode!


Outro music is:

Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100192

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

An interview with rules writing supremo, Nick Dorrell. A reaslly fascinating chat with someone I have been aware of in the hobby but never really had time to talk to. I hope you enjoy the show!


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Here are a few links to things mentioned in the show.

2D6 Samurai Kickstarter

Battlescale Buildings

Wyre Forest Gamers

The Pike and Shot Society

Across the Pond Wargamers

Henry Hyde's Patreon


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One of the longest serving members of the hobby industry, Ian Kay is head honcho and chief designer of more flaming pigs and 6mm figures than you could shake a chevaux de frise at. 

Hear him talk about how he got started in the hobby, touring Japan, and how he has never heard of YouTube. I had a great time talking to one of my hobby heroes and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to the chat.

Irregular Miniatures

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Jon Bleasdale's Grymauch Solo Gaming blog

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Episode 18.4

At last, after 3 attempts, I think we have cracked it.

Apologies for the aborted attempt that was released last week. I shouldn't have exposed your ears to that car crash. This version however is muuucchhhh better!

Well, I think so anyway!


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Greg and Steve from Little Wars TV join me to discuss the future of their channel.


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